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Faron Young – It’s Four In The Morning 8 TRACK Cassette Cartridge Tape


Faron Young – It’s Four In The Morning 8 TRACK Cassette Cartridge Tape

1. It’s not the miles you travelled + After the fire is gone + Trip to Tijuana

2. Night coach out of Dallas + I’ll take the time + When are you ever gonna learn

3. Evening + Give a lonely heart a home + It’s four in the morning (part 1)

4) It’s four in the morning (part 2) + You keep right on loving me + Get some loving done

8-track stereo – MERCURY – 7708 045


SKU MA249 286 24

As with all vintage 40 year old 8-track tapes, replacing the foam pad and foil splice are recommended for optimum performance. Because of this, all of our 8-tracks are sold AS IS. Due to the FACT that this item CAN BE COPIED OR DUPLICATED.... NO RETURNS or REFUNDS will be ACCEPTED. SORRY

‘As far as I know all the 8 track tapes work well - I was still playing them not too long ago, but my last two 8 Track players have now broken and gone off to the recyclers - that is why the tapes are going now.’ Since this message they have been tested by Client to confirm that they are working.


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