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ROYAL DOULTON - 7 1/2" Side Plate - Coaching Scene


ROYAL DOULTON - 7 1/2" Side Plate - Coaching Scene

Diameter: 7 1/2" (19 cm)

Condition: Slight rubbing around green rim

'Something wrong with the undercarriage!'

Appears to be snow scene. Tyre marks and footprints.

The “Snow Ground” is rare and appears on both earthen ware and a bone china base. The true snow ground takes two forms, in one the horse and coach is struggling through a blizzard, sometimes the artist has applied so much falling snow that it almost appears to be in white out conditions. In the second form of the snow scene the horses, coach and characters appear in snow covered back ground, there is often colour in the sky suggesting either evening or sun shine. The background bush is in the greys and brown of winter. There coach forms deep wheel ruts in the snow and the men's foot prints are clearly visible in the snow.

Dating Coaching Days

This series was in production for 50 years, so there are range of tools we can use to determine an exact production date or at least the production era. An impressed date code gives us the month and the year and on bone china it sometimes even gives the exact day. The small numeral just to the left of the crown in the maker’s mark gives us the year, add the number to 27 and you have the year.

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